Goku, NYC

We’re excited to announce Goku, New York, the very first location outside of Japan, where our service is among the highest quality and in-demand experiences available.


We’re excited to announce Goku, New York, the first outside of Japan. Our service is among the highest quality and in-demand experiences available in Japan. Since opening in Kyoto in 2008, we’ve gained an extensive following, with reservations typically booked months in advance, and over 430,000 customers on our waiting list.

Goku was established in 2008 by Atsumi Kaneda, in the historic city of Kyoto. Suffering from sleep issues early on, she sought out every type of treatment available before she realized the potential of head massage for sleeping. Atsumi then quit her job as an accountant and travelled around the world to learn massage techniques from doctors, acupuncturists and therapists for healing stress and insomnia. Atsumi has spent years evolving, perfecting and teaching her special technique, opened her own school, and gaining a loyal following throughout the country. Now, there are 4 stores in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo Ginza, and Harajuku, and the most recent location sold 3,000 reservations within the first minutes of opening.


Every year, Goku helps over 100,000 people fall to sleep and dream from the height of relaxation.


In Japan, our company has appeared on hundreds of television shows, was featured in nearly every popular magazine, and was recognized as a representative shop by the Japanese Tourism Bureau. Currently, our unique service holds the record for the world’s highest number of reservations at 430,000 (not to mention a higher google.jp search ranking than the mighty Goku of Dragon Ball). If you have a friend in Japan, there’s a good chance they know and love Goku.





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