Relaxation Elevated


Recline into a relaxed position and experience an elevated head massage using a special technique that slowly builds up a feeling of intense relaxation and helps you fall into a blissful sleep.

Aligning the hands and fingers to provide perfect pressure on the scalp, a Japanese head massage therapist releases tension in muscles around the head and eye areas, promoting good blood circulation. As a result, the mind and brain become totally relaxed, leading to improved health, focus, and lower stress levels. When it’s over, you will emerge with a euphoric feeling, released from stress. The quality of your sleep may also improve for the next few nights after the treatment. This massage is especially beneficial for people with brain tiredness caused by: stress, over-work, worry and/or constant computer use.


The Kamiwaza technique

This technique was developed and refined over with the help of Japan’s top health care professionals, from diverse fields including: neuroscience, acupuncture, psychology, and massage therapy.

This is a dry treatment, no water, lotion, or oils will be used.


Deep Sleep Head Spa Treatment

60 min | $150

Deep Sleep Head Spa Treatment

90 min | $225